Investment banking is a relatively new concept in the finance market. As opposed to commercial banks which receive deposits and give out loans investment banks are used by both the public and private companies to raise funds in the extensive capital market. It is important to note that this is the core goal of investment banking. However, as the banking sector evolved and diversified its activities investment banks started offering new services which include: providing professional advices on acquisition and merging of firms, underwriting. Offered stock brokerage services, advising corporate clients especially on private placements and also provided financial research to investors. In addition, investment banking also invested in foreign exchange currency and private banking.

Investment banker’s role is to assist his/her client to raise funds in the capital market. There are two main ways that a company may raise funds in capital market; sell companies equities in an initial Public Offering (IPO) or through the use of debentures. Investment bankers are supposed to offer advice to their client on the most cost effective way to raise funds. If the prudent method is through floating companies equities in the stock market, investment banker should act as an underwriter to ensure 100% subscription.

Investment bankers can also offer candid advice on private placement. This is mostly with private investors whose firms are not public. They are not required to provide a prospectus detailing their financial information. Some of private placements offered include; divestitures, venture capital investments, private equity investments, private debts placement and also merchant banking.

They also ensure there is full compliance with the law. In this regard, they prepare comprehensive financial statements, have them audited and file the necessary returns form to tax authority for taxation purposes. They also ensure there are adequate financial disclosures as stipulated in capital markets regulations. This, among other careers in the financial markets, requires up-to-date knowledge and skill level to better assist clients.

Investment bankers are also expected to do a trade analysis for their client to identify the best investment opportunity for their clients. As such, they are required to do both technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves the use of charts to determine the trend in the market while fundamental analysis is more detailed as it seeks to examine a number of factors in relation to an investment option. This includes the economic and financial implications thus there is need to engage professional investment bankers who will properly analyze all investments and advise on the one with profitable financial projections.

Investment banking has been endeared at by many investors as it allows them to raise funds very fast. However, its success is anchored on the expertise of the bankers.

A few good websites to check out if interested working in the financial markets include:

Nowadays the internet is a necessity in almost every household. Everyone has his or her own reason for using the World Wide Web which gives it such a diverse purpose. Many people would use it to make new friends (via social networks), keep up with their networks and for information all over the world like with RSS feeds. But did you know that internet can be your source of side hustle? Well, it is a good source of income for anyone who wishes to work at home. Among the many ways of making money online, Craigslist is no exception. Craigslist is a growing buyer/seller website on the internet. Perhaps you are wondering how to make extra money from Craigslist. Read on to know how to make Craigslist the site of your side hustle.

Sell your stuff

The first way is to sell your stuff on Craigslist. If you have a garage, closet, storage shed, basement or a dresser drawer then you already have what to sell. The good thing about this site is that you can sell anything you can think of except a firearm.

Buy and resell

Buying and reselling is also another option but where do you get these items to buy and sell? The items are everywhere, you can find some cheap things on Craigslist to resell or you can target eBay or thrift stores. Your aim is to make profit, so you should ensure that you buy a cheap item and resell it at a profit.

Advertise your service

This approach can enable you make a lot of money but again it’s a bit if hit or miss. It is free to make a post on Craigslist. Give a brief description of the services you are willing to perform and the rates. For instance I am a proficient lawnmower with my own equipment’s and I charge $10 for 1 acre of land.’

Sell other peoples stuff

Another way is to sell peoples stuff on Craigslist. The best thing about this is that you can get stuff from people you know and charge a small percentage for selling for them. In this way you cannot use your money to buy products, you only list what people give you and cash in on it.

The two basic tips to make the aforementioned ways successful are:

Respond quickly

Ensure you respond to the buyers quickly. Craigslist is a fast moving site; this will help you to close a deal before your buyer sees other things.

Build relationships

After making a sell, ask your buyer if it will be okay to contact them in case you will have more products you are selling. Doing this will enable you to build relationship with your clientele for more income.

E-commerce is trading online. It involves selling products online such as stationery, handbags, beds, and toys. Anyone can start the online business provided he or she has a website. Creating a website is easy since there are several website templates available for various e-commerce categories. The templates are designed and meant for the particular merchandise being sold. They are, however, expensive than using the hosting websites that offer free website design tools. It is, however, advisable to use the professional templates because one gets a full website and as its administrator. This article looks at the seven steps on how to start your own eCommerce site.

Select Your E-commerce Business Template

You start by choosing a business template from one of the many e-commerce template service providers such as One should, however, remember that they are available at a fee. The professional e-commerce templates have unique features such as zoom and animation tools for visitors to have a good look at your products.

Register for the Hosting Website

Depending on what you intend to trade, the e-commerce template provider guides you on the most appropriate website template for you. You start
the sign up process just like while joining other business platforms.

Upload your Graphics

After the initial sign up, the next thing should be uploading your company logo and other associated graphics. The graphics are key to branding your products and website. Select color tones for your logo and site that best represents your products. If you, for example, deal with cars, the website should have a defined logo with bright colors that depict most of the cars.

Upload Photographs of Your Products

Add all photographs of your available products and if possible, create a slide show for them. Adding this important visual marketing tool on the website’s homepage showcases the products by having them change after few seconds. Customers will have an advantage of seeing all your products
without having to search or visiting other pages.

Include the Product’s Descriptions

Write specific products descriptions and make use of search engine optimization. Keywords are the words that are usually used in making searches over the internet. If, for example, you sell Toyota cars, include words such as cost, type, exterior and interior design, and engine type.

Register with Social Media and Link with the Website

Create engaging content for any potential e-commerce customers and post them on social media platforms. Link your social media posts to your website where customers will be redirected to view the products. This is an essential marketing strategy.

Create a shopping cart

In finalizing your website, ensure to have a shopping and view cart software that offers calculations for price, quantity, color, size shipping options, and any applicable state taxes. Also include the system for accepting payments. The carts should show credit cards icons as options for

Yard sale, garage sale or junk sale is a part and parcel of today’s way of living. A yard sale is mean to de-clutter your home and make a good income as well. You need to be well organized in order to hold a yard sale effectively. This means less stress and more cash.

Holding a yard sale can be profitable and fun way of ensuring that items are re-used. It is true that yard sales are a lot of hard work, but the incomes are worthier than the effort. You should be thrilled at how easy planning a yard sale can be. In this article you will get a few killer tips on how to hold a successful yard sale.


Do not discard your old clothes and items just yet. Actually, do not throw away anything! You’ll be amazed at what people can buy. Your junk is in fact someone else’s treasure. Check with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to find out whether they would like to hold a joint sale. The more the resellers the lesser the work needed, and the more the items the more buyers you will get.


Most local newspapers have a weekly yard sale section to advertise in. Erect signs in your neighborhood that offer directions to the yard sale avenue a couple of days prior to your sale. Ensure that the signs are big, readable and probably waterproof. Also, print flyers and put posters in the nearest community centers and libraries. On the sales day, put a large sign and some balloons at the intersection next to your house. Remember to take down all these signs after the sale.

Place your Best Stuff in Front

You’ve just a few seconds to make a good impression. Either the buyers will drive by or they’ll stop. By placing your best items in the front line you’re informing the buyers that there more quality stuff inside.

Keep a Free Pile near the Entrance

You ought to place a well-marked “Free Pile” at the entrance. This is meant to lure in almost every shopper/driver to stop. It could be those items that you’re planning to give out. A free pile is a sure way to tempt any shopper or driver to stop the car and browse around.

Space organization is the key to a successful yard sale

Keep your area neat and orderly. Bring the shelves with items close together when you run out of items. Try to make your sale end before noon, and it helps having someone there to take turns managing the sale, in order for each to take breaks. You’ll be surprised how your yard sale can take a toll on you

Getting married is definitely a good feeling to experience. Making marriage work is the real work as both partners need to strategize on how to overcome many challenges that life will place on their path. Financial challenges are more common and in fact it tops in the list of why many people file for divorce. Consequently, newlyweds need to master several tips that will keep them away from stresses of financial debts. Below are some tips that newlyweds need to stick to for a successful marriage free of debts.

Have a savings plan

Newlyweds must develop a comprehensive savings plan for the family. They should only consider spending in luxurious life after they have saved enough. They must struggle to make it a habit because with a good saving plan they can handle any emergencies without seeking readily available credit. Emergencies are unpredictable and can strike anytime but with a proper saving plan your marriage will survive that challenge.

Always budget for your finances

You need to identify all the bills you are supposed to settle in a stipulated time preferably a month. If your spouse is economically engaged then you need to develop a strategy on how the bills will be paid. For instance, your wife financial resources may be used for household items while your resources are invested for future purposes.

Honesty is paramount

When it comes to financial matters you need to inform your spouse on everything you intend to do. This allows them to be part of the decision you make. Majority of divorces are anchored on insincerity between spouses. For instance, if your wife takes up a loan without your knowledge, misuses it, defaults in repayment which leads to auctioning of some of household items believe me you won’t take that well. When it comes to financial matters openness is not debatable.

Budget for leisure activities

Being a very young couple you desire to spend sometimes together during vacations. It is important you budget for it to avoid impulse buying while on holiday. You must only spend that amount which is left after you paid all the bills and deducted an amount for your savings.

Always make informed decisions

You should always consult your partner on any financial decision. This will ensure your resources are well managed. If it is a decision to borrow funds to buy something then you need to identify if it is an investment or a very essential item. If it is not then you should avoid getting credit.

Renters insurance is designed to protect a tenant in case of damage from a fire or theft. Most tenants assume that they are covered because the landlord has taken out an insurance policy. Based on this assumption, they fail to take out their own cover and only discover that they are not eligible for compensation when after a fire or robbery. It is important to understand that the landlord’s policy is only supposed to cover a building’s physical structure. This means that you will not get compensation if any of your personal property is damaged. Renters insurance allows you to protect yourself.

Renters insurance can be compared to homeowners insurance but the only difference is that it is only available for renters. When you have renters insurance, your will get money to replace your property. The insurance company will pay for some of the costs that you incur for the replacements. One of the advantages that you get with renters insurance is that you do not have to follow up with a party that you consider responsible for the damage. If your apartment gets flooded because one of your neighbors left their taps on, you do not have to wait until they pay for the damage. All you have to do is make a claim with your insurance provider. The insurance company will also pay for any costs that you incur to get alternative accommodation. In this case, your neighbor is legally responsible for the damages but they can reimburse the money later.

It is important to get full replacement coverage. This will ensure you are compensated for the actual cost of replacing your damaged property. If your TV is currently worth about $300 but it will cost you about $700 to replace it, the insurance provider will cater for the latter.

It is also advisable to purchase additional coverage if you have some valuable items such as artwork and jewelry. This is essential because most of the standard policies will have a limit on the amount they will pay out. The amount that they offer may not be adequate to replace an expensive painting or piece of jewelry that has been passed on from generation to another.

Renters insurance should also cover damage caused by earthquakes and floods. This may not be covered in your standard renters and homeowners insurance. The additional cover is particularly important if you live in an earthquake or flood prone zone.